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26 May

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Another great article from the Costco Connection Magazine… of all places. Every now and then I read something that just really helps me in my every day life. This article titled Spring Training by Dorothy Breininger has helped me tremendously. Sometimes you just need that extra little push or piece of advice to get things […]

21 November

All Is Calm…

All Is Calm…

I came upon this article in the BYU Marriott School Alumni Magazine, titled All Is Calm. I love everything that is shared by Megan Bingham Hendrickson. This article sums up my holiday life and how I want it to be. If I don’t plan ahead, I can’t do those things that are most meaningful at […]

19 November

Scripture Scouts {wrap up}

Scripture Scouts {wrap up}

I figure it is time to wrap this thing up. We {or at least I} so enjoyed our Summer and having this study time with the girls each morning. Since this was all the way back in the Summer, I thought it was time to wrap it up. I got hung up on not being […]

Meet the Family

Thoughts from the Christensen Family

  • Maren

    “Lets do something as a family”

    - Maren
  • Hazel

    “I can do hard things”

    - Hazel
  • Heidi

    “Happiness is not a destination it is a way of life!”


    - Heidi
  • Barett

    “Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith.”

    - Barett